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anxiety, depression, add/adhd, couples counseling, adolescent counseling, sexual assault recovery

 Specializing in:
Anxiety, Depression, ADD / ADHD, Couples Counseling - Relationship Issues, Adolescent Counseling


Do you feel overwhelmed and out of control? Do you feel anxious at the thought of just going to the store? Are you tired of not participating in life to its fullest because you are afraid?

I can guide you through the process of learning coping skills, and gaining new strengths. Along the way, we may discover strengths you had forgotten or other strengths you didn't know you had.  Together we can work towards the goal of not allowing fear and anxiety to rule your life.


Do you find yourself feeling down frequently? Are you not enjoying activities you used to enjoy - even when you want to? These are a couple of the signs of clinical depression.

While medications can be immensely beneficial, sometimes a change in perspective can do even more. I would like to help you  take a deeper dive into your core beliefs. Together we can discover which  ones serve you well, and which ones need to change in order to improve your quality of life.


Do you have trouble staying organized? Do unfinished tasks follow in your wake? Do you have trouble prioritizing what to do next? Do you feel like you often fail to meet others' expectations? Do you fee like you will never measure up?

If you have been diagnosed with ADHD, I can help you learn to work around it. I can  teach you skills to help maximize your performance. I hope to share with you the perspective that you are not defective. You just have a brain that is wired a little differently than most. I can tell you from experience, ADHD is a self-esteem killer.  We can work together to help you maximize your strengths, realize your potential, and develop a true sense of self-worth.

Couples Counseling - Relationship Issues
Couples Therapy

Pre-marital Counseling:
Are you considering getting married? I am a certified Save Your Marriage Before It Starts (SYMBIS) facilitator. Using the SYMBIS program, I can guide you through the process of exploring each other's views on some of life's most important topics. It is critical to have these conversations BEFORE you begin your married life together. It helps you to know each other a little more deeply and to be sure you have a shared vision of your future together.

Couples Counseling:

Do you find yourself struggling to relate to your partner? Do the two of you often come away from conversations with completely different understandings of what was said? Does it feel like you and your partner are living separate lives?

I approach counseling couples from the perspective of a successful marriage of 28 years. In my experience, most relationship issues begin with a breakdown in communication. Sometimes is it a difference in perspective, sometimes it is a difference in priorities between partners. I can help to open a safe, productive dialogue between you and your partner that will help you improve the health of your relationship.

Adolescent Counseling
Adolescent Therapy

Do you have an adolescent who is struggling with the hardships teens face today? Are you at a loss as to how you can help? Are you a teen who is experiencing depression, anxiety or social pressures?  I can provide my experience as a parent and as a clinician. We can work together to help your teen through this time of life.


I believe the issues adolescents face during this turbulent time of life are very real. Sometimes they need someone to talk to who is not their parent or a friend who might gossip about the things they say.

I can provide a safe space in which we can explore issues, resolve problems, and develop a resilient sense of self.

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